Study Abroad After Graduation

Study Abroad After Completed Your Graduation

Study Abroad after completed your graduation, Basic requirements needed to study Abroad, Postgraduate course details, Destination and Approximate cost which require to Study Abroad.


Study Abroad After Graduation

Usually people will enter into Engineering or Medical after the completion of 12th grade. B. Tech is the undergraduate programme tends to focus more on the practical aspects of learning and offers greater insight into the particular subject. On completing the B. Tech degree, people have different choices some of them may enter into job directly, some of them plan to do Post Graduation. When they plan to study a postgraduate degree abroad. Students have two options, one they can opt for a master programme in their core engineering or allied subject. This could be an MS in Engineering or ME in Engineering or M. Tech. The naming of the post-graduation name differ from country to country.

Those who aspire to enter the world of business and management can opt to study an MBA or specialize in a subject relevant to their undergraduate study.

Basic Requirements for Entry:

Once you have planned to do a postgraduate degree in engineering or management, you can choose to write the GRE or the GMAT. Additionally you have to appear IELTS/TOEFL to demonstrate your proficiency in English. Most Institution accept the score of 6.5 on the IELTS and the GRE score most popular institution accept range from 310 to 335. Score above 330 in GRE will be considered as excellent.

Postgraduate Courses- Abroad:

  1. M.Sc in Aeronautical Engineering and M.Sc Aerospace Engineering and Management
  2. MS in Biomedical Engineering
  3. MS in Computer Science Engineering
  4. MBA in Engineering Management
  5. MS in Applied Engineering and Technology Management
  6. MBA in Supply Chain Management
  7. MBA in Management Information System
  8. MS-MBA – Pioneered by Boston University – two degree in 21 months


When it comes to costs same as India it vary place to place like that costs may vary country to country and the duration will also differ according to country. Most leading universities around the world are offering one year accelerated MBA programme, which is quite popular among the students.

Same like India public universities are less expensive comparing to private universities. But private universities will provide all kind of facilities.

Lot of universities are providing Free or Low Cost Education for International Students – Study Abroad For Free (Or Low Cost)

Abroad Study Destination:

The USA, the UK and Singapore is the top study abroad destinations; tighter immigration and post study laws have made Australia lose from this list. Cost of living is very high comparing to other countries, if you don’t secure an admission in a public university it is very tough to manage.

Yes of course New Zealand is the biggest winner in the list- provides friendly immigration laws and quality education. This promote more students to apply to New Zealand Institutions. A very small fraction of students are opt to study in Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Career Opportunities:  

  • The opportunities for abroad graduated students are very high in our society. Students who completed postgraduate in core field who can find employment in various sectors. There is a huge demand for qualified engineers in the real estate and construction sector, Petro-chemical industry, Automobile manufacturing, and Design and development of industrial equipment.
  • Aeronautical engineers can find large vacancy in the government and private aircraft sectors.
  • Computer Science engineers will never go out of the place, demand of hardware and software engineers are always sustainable.
  • Those who completed MBA choose to work in the industries: some may turn into entrepreneurs.

Student can also study abroad right after they finish their 12th grade – Check Article – Study Abroad After 12th Grade



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