Practicing These 26 Things Will Definitely Change Your Life!


1. Start sleeping early

There is no point, being active when the whole body rests. let your body reset the metabolism. Time to Get some sleep!

2. Start waking up early.

Early means before sunrise. Go for a walk or jogging, rejuvenate and enjoy the fresh air. Let your body synthesis its own Vitamins. Feel fresh and think fresh every day.

3. Stop watching P0RN.

Others are doing hard work and paid in million. You admire without any reason. Don’t waste your time, Start chasing your dreams (Find your one!).

4. Stop pleasing people.

You are strong and you can do it, Start asking yourself. Why should I?

5. Start making mistakes.

Learn, Grow and Earn. Mistakes which you can afford. Fall, Fall again… till, strong enough to win the Raise.

6. Start drinking more water.

The thirst to succeed is good but never forget your body. Let Powerful thoughts come from a well-hydrated body.

7. Start running and exercising.

Who wants excess. Burn your excess calories. Stay Young J

8. Start reading self-help books.

You are independent because you are stronger and intelligent than anyone.

9. Stop stalking my ex.

They are not worth enough. Chase your dreams, they are worth billions.

10. Stop dwelling on past.

Learn from it, move on Man…

11. Start working on my future.

Invest your time or money, because future always gives good Interest.

12. Start learning different languages.

Because you have a different perception of life.”Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process”

13. Start writing.

This will give a different view, a whole new dimension.

14. Start forgiving people.

You are better than them.

15. Start avoiding toxic people.

Your body is a temple, don’t spoil it.

16. Start taking public transports for work.

Start saving.On the other hand, contribute to nature.

17. Start eating salads.

That’s just enough.

18. Stop wasting time on Facebook.

They are selling your content. Meanwhile, try to sell yourself.

19. Stop chasing girls.

Build your Empire, they will work for you.

20. Stop expecting from people.

Start giving, this will make you happier.

21. Start loving YOURSELF.

“Delusion is a great power even close to infinite power”. The moment you think, you are good for nothing at any particular thing you actually become that. On the other hand, you start growing when you think you are good at it. 

22. Start smiling.

Be Positive and let make it simple.

23. Start reading.

You need to know, how others are thinking!

24. Start Using NO.

Use it wisely, it can make a huge difference in your life. So, the question is: my happiness or theirs?

25. Talk to Your Loved Ones.

Needless to Say, you can’t afford to lose. Make a better living for them.

26. Meditate.

Clear your thoughts! Stay focused.

God Bless you!



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