11 Job Interview Mistakes To Be Avoided

Clearing an interview is always a tough task, but a good knowledge and little soft skill hacks can get you through it. “Mom/Dad I got selected for the interview” This is what you might be dreaming to say to your parents. Well, even after having a sound academic background, good knowledge on the technical side, most of you might not get through the interview. That means you are doing a mistake. Here, we will walk you through 11 mistakes you should avoid while attending an interview.

1. Your Appearance during the Interview

First things first, the first thing an interviewer will notice in you is your way of dressing. If you can impress the interviewer in a way by dressing professionally, will give an edge to you over others.

2. Your Eye Contact During An Interview

Eye contact is something that is inevitable when it comes to being in front of an interview panel. That too, your eye contact should not glue towards a single member of the panel. Try to answers all the queries asked by the panel by having eye contact with all of them. It will give an impression that you know how to present you in front a bunch of people.

3. Taking for granted

You might encounter some interview panel members being friendly with you. Never take it for granted. They are trying to make you comfortable. Don’t spoil it by taking it for granted.
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4. You are Strong, so be confident during an Interview

“Confidence is the key to success”, You might have heard this sentence in one form or the other. So ask yourself whether you will hire someone who lacks confidence in himself for your future company? The same answer will pop up in the minds of those interviewers.

5. Over-confidence, Not your cup of Tea

While confidence is a boon, overconfidence is a curse. Overconfidence will cost you, :(. Don’t ever be overconfident in any answer or in any situation.

6. Being Silent Portraits a bad Impression

Never ever be silent in front of the interviewers. It clearly portrays that you are incapable of handling some situation. If you don’t know an answer just tell them that you don’t know otherwise get their permission to make an educated guess.

7. Fragility

Nervousness is something that accompanies most job seekers. It will make you fragile, once you become fragile you will lose everything.

8. Communication Skills

This is the one way in which most job seekers will get an offer letter without even being sound in the technical aspect. In this highly competitive world, It is really hard to survive without good communication skills. If you are weak in the area better start working on it right away.

9. Long answers

Interviewers are not there to hear your history. So make your answers crisp and clear. It will show how accurate and to the point are you when it comes to professionalism.

10. Whining, A big no!

Most experienced people might have encountered a question, “Why you left your previous job”. When it comes to freshers it will be “Why your scores are so low” etc. To these question never whine about your previous company or your financial situation, or your parents etc. It will create a negative impression about you. You have to find a proper answer to that.

11. Negative thoughts, Clear Your Thoughts Before an Interview

“I am not prepared, I definitely am not gonna clear this”,”She prepared better than me”,”There are very few vacancies, I have very low chance to clear this”. these are some of the thoughts that will go through your mind before an interview. But be aware of something, It’s not the end of the world and definitely, there is a hell lot of opportunity waiting for you, the only thing is are you up for it. If you are then you are gonna rock it.
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