Best Engineering Degrees to get a job in Gulf Countries

Gulf job engineering branches

Is landing a well paying Gulf based job your prime priority? If yes, this article will be of help to you! Here, I’ve listed down some of the best engineering courses, which will help you bag a Gulf based job with relative ease!

Gulf job engineering branches

Before heading to the meat of the matter – engineering branches for getting Gulf jobs – let me bring before you some important facts. Let us talk about engineering courses first.


As we all know, there are various engineering course formats in India. Some of the popular ones are –

  • B.E. or B.Tech.
  • Diploma in Engineering
  • M.E. or M.Tech.
  • PG Diploma programs


Diploma in Engineering programs can be pursued after 10th and/or 12th. B.E. or B.Tech. programs can be pursued after completing 12th Science. M.E. or M.Tech. are Master’s programs. You must have completed a relevant Bachelor’s Degree before you may pursue it. The same criteria applies for PG Diploma programs.


Why have I listed these course formats, you may ask. Well, it is not uncommon to see technicians and entry level workers migrating to Gulf countries after completing technical courses such as ITI, vocational training etc.


Yes, it is possible! But, in such cases, the work involved will be tough. The pay will also not be exceptional! If you want to have a better career in Gulf countries, I’d suggest you to complete a good Degree or Diploma Engineering course. For an exhaustive list of courses, check out this guide – complete list of courses after 12th Science.


Okay, let us talk about the main topic now – best engineering courses to get Gulf jobs easily. Here they are –


Best Engineering Degrees to get Gulf jobs easily


1 Mechanical Engineering

It is one of the oldest engineering branches! Mechanical engineering is one of the core branches of engineering! No wonder it is called an evergreen branch! It never seems to run out of job opportunities!


Mechanical engineering mainly deals with the design and working of machines. We all know how reliant we are on machinery! The vehicles that we use are prime examples of that!


This reliance of ours on machinery is what makes mechanical engineering an evergreen branch! We need skilled mechanical engineers for designing, producing, operating and maintaining machinery and its parts!


2 Civil Engineering

Like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering is also one of the oldest traditional engineering disciplines. It is one of the core branches!


Civil Engineering mainly deals with the design, planning and construction of buildings and physical structures. Civil engineering is not just limited to buildings! It also involves the design and construction of other physical structures such as bridges, dams, stadiums, roads etc.


Since construction sector is doing pretty well in Gulf region, job opportunities for Civil Engineering will be decent.


3 Electrical Engineering

Electricity is so important to us that it is very hard to imagine a life without it! Electrical Engineering deals with the production, transmission and storage of electricity. It also involves the study of electrical equipment and the science involved in it.


Electrical Engineering is among one of the core branches of engineering. Electrical engineers have diverse job opportunities available in front of them.


Gulf countries are well known for the following industries – aviation, construction, refineries and energy. Electricity plays a crucial role in the functioning of these sectors and industries.


In short, it is safe to say that the demand for skilled electrical engineers won’t die out in Gulf countries!


4 IC Engineering

Engineering aspirants must be well aware about this discipline. Well, if you’re not, let me explain about this branch. IC stands for instrumentation and control. It is a hybrid discipline that involves elements of electronics, control systems, hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems.


What are the applications of this branch, you may ask. Well, IC mainly deals with automation and control systems. It’s main purpose is to automate and control processes. In order to accomplish these tasks, they use software, hydraulics, control boards, control systems, programming etc.


Applications of this branch are many! Wherever there’s automation involved, there will be a need for skilled IC engineers! Refineries, production plants, automobile sector – they are well known to have complex automation systems.


5 Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering primarily deals with the exploration, excavation, processing and production of petroleum, natural gas and other by-products. Though petroleum is a non-renewable source of energy, the scope associated with this branch never seems to run out of steam!


Thanks to the availability of refineries and availability of oil reserves, Gulf countries are known to be a favorite destination among petroleum engineers! The research and development sector associated with this branch is also very exciting!


6 Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering mainly deals with the study of chemicals. It involves chemical reactions, properties of elements, complex molecular structures etc.


As I mentioned before, petroleum refining and energy sectors are doing well in Gulf countries. And chemical engineers do play a crucial role in these sectors!


If you’ve a specialization in petrochemicals, you’ll be able to climb up the career ladder very quickly!


7 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aviation sector is booming in Gulf countries. This sector is doing well in many countries across the world. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering mainly deals with the maintenance and repair work of aircraft.


Please note that this branch is quite different from Aeronautical engineering! AME professionals ensure that an aircraft is airworthy. We use aircraft to transport goods and personnel. So, it is of utmost importance to make sure that the aircraft is serviceable and in good condition.


AME professionals are trained to carry out aircraft inspection, maintenance and repair work. They are knowledgeable in areas such as avionics, mechanics and electronic systems.


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